On the air – participating in a podcast



I generally say yes to things. In fact, I like to say yes to things.

And although it is fun to say yes, it also comes with a cost, as the more you say yes, the more often you will be asked again. It is a dilemma, for sure, when time is a limited currency.

But saying yes is also a great way to do new stuff. Learn new things, meet new people. This autumn, for instance, I have participated in four different PhD defenses, in three different countries. Although a lot of work, it was great fun!

I also tend to say yes to scicomm stuff, ranging from giving talks to schools to participate in radio and newspaper articles. A few weeks ago I did something new: I said yes to participate in the Linnaeus University podcast ‘Snillen stimulerar’.

This pod is one of the university’s ways of disseminating academic knowledge to the public, but in a casual and entertaining way. If you click here, you can listen to a discussion on my favorite pathogens and diseases. Deadly stuff. A disclaimer, though: it is in Swedish.

So how was it? I enjoyed the experience, and I think the end product managed to be both informative and (surprisingly) fun. In this case, the two hosts – Ingeborg and Anders – took turns asking me questions, and making comments. They were brilliant, and had done their homework on my research, which made it all a rather smooth affair. The fun part is that you have to think on your feet and use a language less ladden with field specific scientific prose.

I hope you like it!