Happy grant feet

By Jonas Waldenström

A few days ago I wrote about the pain of the grant decision limbo. Similar to traditional torture, the whole process is honed to perfection to maximize researchers’ pain. This Friday, at long last, the decision I had waited for was scheduled to be announced. The whole day I checked the homepage again and again. First every hour, and then every 10 minutes or so. And suddenly, after the 100th time I had clicked the link, the decision was out.

Some moments stretch out for ever. The computer did the rolling green snake, working its way through a busy server while downloading the list.

The feeling of finding your name on the list of funded projects is incredible. First a great relief, followed by tremendous joy. On your toes, happy feet, bounce, shout, and then back to check that your project was really listed there. And fuck, it is there, it really is! And that’s when the true recognition hits you: I bloody nailed it! I can do the science I want to do. I can hire. I can do sweet, sweet science, long time!

Thus, time to rejoice. Plan with coworker, get the project going.

Next spring it is time again, a new round of application writing. This time for continued funding of influenza research. But for now it is good, all good.



2 thoughts on “Happy grant feet

  1. Well done. I have been reading your blog since coming across your page on your ERC interview in 2013. I didn’t see a follow-up post, but assume that StG didn’t happen? But well done on getting this funded! I just submitted to the 2015 ERC StG call…the long wait to disappointment begins…

    • Thanks! And you guessed right about the outcome: I didn’t get it. I was quite disappointed even though I had braced myself not to count on getting the money. I thought about writing a post about it, and I still think I might. Even though quite some time has passed. We’ll see.

      Good luck with your application! I hope you get it. And that you dance to the aerobic song if you do.

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