Graduation day!

Life and education is a winding road (Photo Linus Heedh)

Life and education is a winding road (Photo Linus Heedh)

Today it is graduation day for our Biology Bachelor students! Time for celebration and some sparkling stuff! Sunny weather! Nice clothes! Proud mums and dads!

I have been at Linnaeus University for seven years now, and the last three years more involved in teaching. All students that graduate today have been on my course in Zoonotic Ecology and Epidemiology, and four of them have done their final projects in my research group. I know them and like them – super students! Hats off for all of you, and especially to Anu Hellin, Olivia Borg, Johanna Carlbrand, and Andras Turai!

Their projects ranged from beta-defensin phylogenies in Anseriformes birds (Anu), gammacoronavirus diversity in Mallards (Olivia), Candidatus Neoehrlichia mikurensis presence in biting ticks (Johanna), to comparative studies of screening methods for avian paramyxoviruses (Andras). With some additional analyses much of this data will end up in publications! You really, really have done a great job!

Best wishes for your future where ever you choose to go: Linnaeus University, other universities or out on the labor market! Your future is so bright, you gotta wear shades!

Jonas Waldenström

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